Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Our commitment to the environment

Since 1995 we have been working closely with our main supplier Canon that is committed to - "living & working together for the common good" - a principle that requires employees to make a committment to responsible working practices. We seek to demonstrate it in every aspect of our corporate mission, goals, culture & behaviour. We are focusing on three main areas:

Resource conservation

It takes just 4 seconds to switch to double-sided printing, making that simple change can save money and our environment. By encouraging our customers to use the double-sided option as a default setting we can make significant cuts in paper consumption. Canon's Secure Print option reduces the number of print jobs that are left in the printer & never collected. By encouraging our customers to set individual or departmental print quotas & making use of secure mailboxes we can help manage the volume of printing being carried out & educate users to see print as a valuable resouce. By encouraging our customers to install uniFlOW Output Manager every job can redirected to the most appropriate device, we can see exactly who's printing what, & who's wasting paper, so that we can help our customers make the neccessary changes. By adding Canon's MIND box & using eCOPY software more documents can be managed electronically, cutting costly post & courier traffic.

Energy conservation

As part of our long term work towards environmental improvement, we ensure that the new products we introduce and install are making use of new technologies which improve the energy efficiency of that product. Ensuring that in every case they consume less energy than their predecessors. The standby energy consumption of Canon's new devices is just 3w compared to 690w for some older devices.

Elimination of hazardous substances

Canon is proud to be part of an industry first pilot scheme to recycle toner bottles & reduce the UK landfill burden. We are keen to work with Canon who in 2005 alone filed nearly 2000 requests to the US Patents list, making it the 2nd most innovative company on the list. Just one example of the effect these patents have is Canon's proprietary roller-charging technology tha makes workplaces cleaner & helps protect the ozone layer.

In 1998, the World Wildlife Fund chose Canon as the first company to be a WWF Conservation Partner.