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Photocopier News

News and views relating to colour photocopiers, black and white photocopiers, office equipment and printers

The New Canon imagePRESS C7010VPS Series of Digital Production Presses/Printers

General News

Tuesday, 05 April 2011 09:00

Canon has just launched a new range of digital production presses/printers, the Canon imagePRESS C7010VPS series. The printers are the first to have been developed jointly by Canon in association with Océ and were launched at the AIIM On Demand Exhibition in the USA on 22 March. Canon believes this latest C7010VPS printer series achieves the highest standards of colour production printing and workflow efficiency on offer and it is hoped the new devices will provide corporate reprographics departments and in-plant facilities a truly robust and highly versatile digital printing solution.

Built on Canon’s advanced imagePRESS C7010VP platform and incorporating Océ’s PRISMAsync front-end controller, the three new imagePRESS series printer models, the imagePRESS C7010VPS, imagePRESS C6010VPS and imagePRESS 6010S deliver Canon’s world-renowned imaging and media-handling capabilities along with a larger package of finishing options, delivering impressive productivity and flexibility. As a result of the success of their partnership on this project, Canon and Océ are planning to roll-out Oce PRISMAsync across other Canon photocopiers targeting high-volume/production printing, including the imageRUNNER Advance photocopiers series.

Junichi Yoshitake, Senior Vice president of Canon USA’s Imaging Systems Group commented,

"The imagePRESS C7010VPS printer series improves colour production printing and workflow efficiency by offering customers the extraordinary reliability and image quality of Canon's imagePRESS digital presses paired with Océ's PRISMAsync production workflow capabilities…This product represents the first step as our companies join together to create the global leader in the print industry offering end-users an unparalleled portfolio of products and development capabilities."

The new imagePRESS printer models provide an intelligent, easy-to-use job scheduler accessible through the Océ PRISMAsync front-end controller to enhance printer productivity with up to 8 hours plan-ahead production. The controller also offers a high level of processing power as well as great flexibility and Adobe's RIP provides users with higher efficiency through increased media handling capabilities and advanced colour management, meaning truly rapid RIP speeds and exceptional image quality.

For environments using a variety of printing technologies, the PRISMAsync controller’s open workflow connectivity enables easy integration of the imagePRESS C7010VPS series printers into any industry standard workflow configurations. End-user uptime is maximised as the task focused workflow configuration allows pre-press specialists to focus on document preparation while operations can concentrate on the production-end.

Workflows are centred around a unique media catalogue for both pre-press and production. When submitting jobs, users select the correct media from a detailed catalogue with just a click. This informs the operator of the correct media and automatically configures the printer for it. This system allows quicker and more effective job processing, reducing preparation time, mistakes and waste.

David Preskett at Canon Europe commented,

“The high quality of Canon imagePRESS C7010VPS and the speed with which we have been able to launch it to market demonstrates the level of cooperation that already exists between Canon and Océ…By acknowledging each other’s expertise, we are becoming stronger together and, through such joint innovations as the imagePRESS C7010VPS, we are better positioned than ever to help our customers make the leap to new areas of business and take advantage of the opportunities available.”

The three new Canon imagePRESS production printers – the imagePRESS C7010 VPS, the imagePRESS C6010 VPS and the imagePRESS C6010S will be available from Canon Business Solutions Partners across Europe and the USA.

The Effects of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami on the Photocopiers Industry

General News

Friday, 01 April 2011 09:00

Japan has been rocked by the biggest natural disaster in living memory. The earthquake shook the entire country, affecting the Japanese transport system, buildings and production facilities. The consequent tsunami swept over a vast swathe of coastal area claiming thousands of lives and disrupting operations at the Fukushima nuclear power facility, leading to mass evacuations from the region. As a major Japanese exporter, the photocopier industry will be central to getting Japan back on its feet after this crisis but most of Japan’s photocopiers manufacturers have not escaped unharmed. After immediate and generous donations, there was a brief pause as each photocopier manufacturer made assessments of the impact on its own operations. All now have a reasonably good picture of the damage and a realistic view of when operations should be able to return to normal. However, the ongoing nationwide power, fuel, transport and infrastructure issues as well as the uncertainty around third-party raw materials and parts manufacturer means the situation remains quite uncertain. Here, we provide a brief overview of the help that has been offered by the major Japanese photocopiers manufacturers, how the earthquake and tsunami have affected their own operations and what estimates have been given for when production is expected to return to normal.


Soon after the damage of the disaster had become clear, Fujitsu made a statement announcing a 100 million yen donation and pledged its continued support in restoring IT systems where they had been effected,

“Fujitsu is committed to restoring damaged IT systems in the regions with the highest priority placed on the lifeline systems such as electric power, water, gas, hospitals and police and fire departments.”

As of 28/03, operations had partially resumed at all of Fujitsu’s affected sites, including those in the Iwate Prefecture, the Miyagi Prefecture, the Fukushima Prefecture and the Tochigi Prefecture.


In Ricoh’s immediate post-disaster statement, the company committed to a 300 million yen donation to relief efforts, adding,

“As a responsible corporate citizen, Ricoh will refrain from any unnecessary use of electricity such as neon signs, billboards and the like, for the foreseeable future. We fully intend to corporate to the max. with the requests of the local power companies.”

As far as Ricoh’s own operations have been concerned, soon after the impact of the disaster had become clear, Ricoh reported on operations in the Tokohu, Kanto and Shyuoko Prefectures. The facilities in the Tokohu regions, Tokohu Ricoh, Hozama Ricoh and Ricoh Optical Industries had been affected and would take time to return to full-scale operation. There had been severe damage to equipment, infrastructure and an inability to re-establish lifelines, with production activities greatly compromised. Even outside the most affected areas, interrupted traffic and rolling blackouts have affected production flow.

Ricoh provided a more comprehensive update on the 25/03. Basic services had almost recovered in most affected areas, some operations had resumed and some shipping had even resumed.

At Tukohu Ricoh Co Ltd though, basic services had still not been restored as the facility had suffered quite a significant level of equipment damage. This had meant that some lines were expected to be delayed for between one week and two months.

Ricoh Printing Systems Ltd reported that basic services are now on-line but that transport was still an issue. There had been lighter damage to equipment but the building damage and the associated safety concerns meant not all lines could become operational. However, some lines at this Ricoh site had recovered and others were expected to be on-line within 1-4 weeks.

Ricoh reported that parts procurement, power and fuel shortages could affect recovery.

Konica Minolta

Soon after the disaster, Konica Minolta announced that it would be contributing 50 million yen to the relief effort through the Japanese Red Cross society. As with other photocopiers manufacturers Konica Minolta has been doing what it can to conserve energy, turning off electric signs and billboards and complying with the wishes of power companies. The company commented,

“Konica Minolta is willing to assist recovery and rebuilding efforts through the corporate activities of the entire group companies and efforts by their employees all over the world.”

As far as the impact for the company itself, all Konica employees had been accounted for, no major damages had affected the company’s sites in the Kanto region but there had been damages to the distribution and sales sites in Tokohu. The photocopier manufacturer is concerned about ongoing production because of potential raw materials procurement difficulties and power supply issues.

OKI Group

OKI reported that there had been no significant injuries to staff or damages to company property and that most operations had not been affected. The OKI site in Fukushima which produces some printers and consumables had suffered light damage. Operations had been partially resumed by 16th March and the photocopiers company had established an Earthquake Disaster Recovery Task Force to survey the full extent of damages and resolve the most effective measures for the speediest recovery.


As Japan’s leading photocopiers manufacture, Canon announced a large contribution to the relief effort soon after the impact of the disaster had become clear, with 300 million yen being pledged to the Japanese Red Cross.

Canon reported on the impact of the disaster on its operations on 13/03. It had suffered power outages, damage to buildings and stoppages in production equipment. Northern Honshu sites had been most affected with 15 staff injuries at the Utsonomiya Office and Fukushima Canon Inc. In a company damage report, Canon commented,

"In the event that production operations may be suspended for one month or more, the Company will consider making use of alternate sites that were not damaged by the earthquake as a means of continuing production."

As well as doing what it can to conserve energy supplies by avoiding any unnecessary use of electricity, Canon has also requested that all employees do what they can to conserve energy in their own homes.

The earthquake and tsunami disaster has been a major shock to Japan. Thousands of lives have been lost and huge damage has been done to Japanese transport and energy infrastructure. And Japan’s renowned photocopier manufacturers have all been affected too. Some certainly more than others. Those with more major production facilities in the Tokohu region have been hit hardest with plant machinery and building damage meaning that some production lines will likely only be fully recovered in a month or so’s time. Ongoing energy issues have prompted all photocopiers manufacturers to issue statements committing themselves to strict energy conservation and compliance with the wishes of energy suppliers. Transport and third party raw materials and parts supply will likely remain an issue in the coming weeks and months too. But Japan’s fortitude in the face of this catastrophe has been truly impressive and the rate at which Japan fully recovers could genuinely surprise us all.

Canon Copiers sends its condolensces to all those in Japan who have lost family or friends during the disaster and wishes the country and its photocopiers manufacturers a full and speedy recovery.

Canon Copiers is a leading UK supplier of Canon imageRUNNER and imageRUNNER Advance photocopiers supplying a range of options for small, medium and large-scale workplace settings and offering both black and white photocopiers and colour photocopiers.

Canon imageRUNNER Advance C5051 Photocopier Receives “Exceptional” BERTL Rating

Colour Photocopier News

Monday, 14 March 2011 00:00

Canon Copiers was delighted to hear recently that the Canon imageRUNNER Advance C5051 multifunction printer (MFP)/photocopier has received the highest rating possible from leading imaging solutions evaluators, BERTL, being awarded an “Exceptional” 5-Star rating. BERTL were particularly impressed with the C5051’s exceptional production speeds, its outstandingly high image quality, innovative solutions and the photocopier’s overall superb ease-of-use. BERTL commented “Canon had raised the bar with the design and value of the imageRUNNER Advance C5051.”

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‘Blame it on the Photocopier’ – Photocopiers in the News

Black and White Photocopier News

Tuesday, 08 March 2011 08:00

The Serial Forger Banned from Owning a Photocopier

In the ‘Blame it on the Photocopier’ series, Canon Copiers brings you some of the most fascinating stories to have hit the headlines in recent years involving photocopiers.

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An Environmental Black Hole? What Can be Done to Limit Environmental Impact in the Office…?

General News

Monday, 07 March 2011 08:00

Collective responsibility often means no responsibility at all. While many of us do our bit to help save energy and recycle at home, by switching to energy efficient light bulbs for instance or sorting and recycling our household waste, it seems that when we arrive at the office we can wear very different hats. Incredibly, industry and workplace C02 emissions are still around 2% greater than those from all UK homes combined. Commerce doesn’t usually bring individuals together for ideological reasons after all, so it’s perhaps understandable that many, who do what they can in their own homes, may see the workplace through quite a different lens. Sometimes it’s probably a case of not pursuing environmental issues as vigorously as we should with employers or colleagues, sometimes it’s slipping-up ourselves, being carried-away with a lax office culture. But for those who still want to make a difference and without embarking on a career in politics there are simple measures that can be taken. Canon Copiers brings you the best…

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