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Canon Make Calculators Out of Recycled Photocopiers

Canon launched a range of recycled calculators in January 2008. These calculators are made from recycled Canon photocopiers and are part of Canon's ongoing commitment to produce environmentally frien­dly products.

The 'green' calculators released by Canon have an upper and lower case made from 100 percent recycled photocopiers. The packaging and instruction manuals are also made from recycled materials.

Many of the calculators in this range are dual powered by battery and solar panel. This dual power helps to reduce energy use and prolong the life of the battery. These calculators also have replaceable batteries, helping to extend their life and minimise waste. The larger calculators in this range are powered by a connection to the mains supply.

The recycled calculator range was launched by Canon in January 2008. Two new recycled calculators have recently been added to this range; the LS-120TSG and the F502G. These two new additions have similar features to the rest of the recycled calculator range such as front and back covers made from 100 percent recycled photocopier material and dual power (solar and battery). The F502G has the added benefit of including a protective hard and durable cover that is also made from recycled photocopiers. Both these calculators also feature replaceable batteries and auto-power off, helping to lengthen their life and minimise waste. The LS-120TSG has been designed specifically for corporations as it can perform complex business calculations. The F502G is a scientific calculator, aimed at students and teachers.

Canon photocopiers, printers and multifunctional devices are made from tough and durable materials. By making calculators out of materials sourced from recycled Canon photocopiers, quality, durability and sustainability are assured. One photocopier could contain enough plastic to make up to 259 LS-63TG calculators. The only parts of these calculators made of new plastic are the acrylic display covers and the keys. By making these new calculators from recycled photocopiers, the amount of new plastic being manufactured can be reduced and the durable and high quality materials used to make photocopiers can be put to good use when the photocopier reaches the end of its life.

Environmental issues are something that Canon takes very seriously (Canon UK were voted in the top 50 Sunday Times best green companies: They strive to continue to find new ways to make their office equipment as environmentally friendly as possible. The green calculator range is part of an ongoing environmental initiative from Canon. They aim to not only reduce their own environmental impact in the manufacturing of their products, but also to help other businesses to lessen their environmental impact. Canon also strive to make their products 75 percent recyclable by mass (for re-use and material recycling) and 85 percent recoverable by mass (including thermal recycling). The majority of Canon products comply with ENERGY STAR requirements, which is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products and they have been awarded ENERGY STAR partner of the year several times. Canon's photocopiers, printers and multifunctional devices are designed to stay well below regulatory limits and indoor quality guidelines under normal conditions for chemical emission levels. With dedication and commitment Canon will continue to try and find ways create environmentally friendly products, helping to give businesses peace of mind when purchasing their office equipment.