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"This system is probably the best investment this department has ever made."
David Bishop, Oaklands College.
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Photocopier Costs

News and views on the costs of photocopiers

The Professionals’ Advice – Improving Print Management and Reducing Printing Costs

Canon Europe recently commissioned a report into businesses’ and organisations’ print management activities, discovering that on average businesses are losing an estimated 17,000 Euros a year, amounting to around 663 billion Euros across Europe as a whole; all this mainly on account of poor or inadequate print management. In the grip of the worst of the recession, back in August 2008, newspapers widely reported that in a desperate effort to stem the tide of some of these irrecoverable losses associated with poor print management, organisations as prominent as Citigroup were imposing quite draconian-sounding rules on their staff members’ printing, completely banning colour copying for internal meetings and removing photocopiers from any locations in which they weren’t deemed absolutely ‘essential’. But without adopting such a strong-arm approach, what should organisations more concerned about printing costs in the medium and longer term do to ensure they’re not pouring money down the drain and further contributing to environmental damage. Below, we offer-up three more considered suggestions as to how any organisation can go about improving its print management and reducing its printing costs.

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Need a Print Audit

Businesses are beginning to expect more than just photocopiers from their photocopier supplier, they often now look for consultancy, evaluation and support. An evaluation of a business' print strategy by carrying out a print audit and making the necessary changes can cut costs, but is the impact of ­a new print strategy substantial enough to warrant calling in the experts

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Copier Leasing

Recent months have seen an increase in businesses choosing copier leasing as a safer option over purchasing, but why is a lease contract more appealing than purchasing, how are businesses coping with the increased difficulty in a leasing approval, ­and what are the pho­toc­opier companies doing about it

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Centralising Printing to a Multifunctional Photocopier

A combination of photocopying, printing and scanning needs to be done in most schools and businesses, with many running several small printers for printing documents, a photocopier for copying documents and separate desktop scanners for scanning documents. Now that most photocopiers are multifunctional and can be connected to the print server, is it necessary to still also run desktop printers, or can it be more cost effective and still convenient to re-route all, or at least most, printing to the photocopier and get rid of desktop devices

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Photocopier Cashback Offer Ending Soon

The £500 cash-back offer that has been available with the purchase of the iRC2380i, iRC3580i, iRC4080i, CLC4040 and CLC5151 multifunctional photocopiers is due to expire on the 30th April 2009, meaning businesses have only got a few weeks to take advantage of this money-saving deal.

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