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Canon iR3025N Photocopier - Printer

25 ppm
A3 max size
Mono photocopier

Canon makes document creation, printing and information sharing easy and cost effective. The Canon iR3025N is a powerful black and white multifunctional printer and photocopier that sets the highest standards in affordable office productivity. Each device incorporates intelligent technology and is compatible with powerful software to provide simplicity of operation and exceptional levels of management control. Canon brings you the very best in office technology combined into a single device that handles everything effortlessly and simultaneously. Now with the productive iR3025N you can print, copy, fax, scan, and send information quickly, reliably, and with consistent high quality.


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Features of the Canon iR3025N Photocopier/Printer

  • 25 pages per minute print/copy speed
  • Internal finisher & Internal hole punch available.
  • Print, copy, scan, and fax, using a single device
  • Send, store, retrieve and share data across the network
  • Advanced device security for confidential data
  • Java platform for future customisation

High productivity with the Canon iR3025N Photocopier/Printer

As a single device that handles the work of many, the Canon iR3025 Photocopier/Printer saves valuable space taken up by separate faxes, printers, scanners and copiers and all the time your staff spend rushing between them. Now everyone can create, share and distribute documents on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer with ease and with a professional finish without the hassle and expense of outsourcing. The latest iR portfolio offers internal finishing with hole punching which means that you now do not need large external finishers, saving costs and space.

Communicate electronically and process speedily with the Canon iR3025N Photocopier

Use the Universal Send function on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer, to scan in documents and send them electronically, thus saving time and costs. Adobe PDFs can be created at the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer itself and retrieved using Canon's searchable PDF feature. Also, Canon has developed Mailbox Notification, which stores documents on the device mailbox and emails only the URL to recipients as an attachment for them to retrieve when they need it via the web.

Improve your document security with the Canon iR3025N Photocopier

Security innovations on the Canon iR3025N photocopier keep your confidential data well protected. Secure Print delays printing until you are at the device to enter a password. ID Management and Single Sign On features limit access to the device through pre-set passwords. To ensure that only authorised recipients see documents, you can encrypt PDFs with a password. For extra safety, all information on the hard disk drive can be encrypted or erased with the new security kit on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer. All data on the network can be protected by encryption using HTTPS.

The Canon iR3025N Photocopier/Printer is easy to use today and future proof for tomorrow

The intuitive control panel on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer and Remote User Interface (RUI) at the user's PC, make sophisticated document handling tasks simple. The Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer can also give businesses the opportunity to maximise their return on investment thanks to the JAVA-based MEAP platform, which enables Canon to create customised solutions to meet specific business requirements and adapt to customer needs.

Cost effective, controllable printing on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer

The Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer allows you to produce all your document communication using both sides of a sheet of paper which is more cost-effective and adds a professional touch to all your documents. Incorporating Canon's optional uniFLOW Output Manager software takes printing knowledge and cost management to a different level. uniFLOW provides an ongoing and detailed insight into who is printing what, where, and how much its costing you when used in conjunction with the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer. It also allows you to automatically redirect prints to the most cost-efficient device on the network or to control the output levels of each department. This makes budgeting easier and helps you to realise a clear return on your investment.

Safe and secure information on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer

Canon ensures your business information is safe and secure. Access to the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer is controllable via passwords, your company's network log-in procedure, or even fingerprints*. Documents can be held in secure mailboxes on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer, until the relevant user is ready to print them at the device. Documents can also be encrypted before sending to others. For highly sensitive material, a watermark can be embedded into a printed document, becoming prominent when someone attempts to make a copy. To minimise the threat of external hacking, network authentication tools ensure that only authorised PCs or Macs can communicate with the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer. Furthermore, device hard disks can be erased or encrypted, and job logs concealed.

The Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer is Easy for IT

The Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer comes network-ready, so installing on your network is a simple task. An optional Post Script printer kit is also available. iW Management Console (iWMC) is a web-based utility that facilitates centralised management of networked devices ideal for busy IT departments. This standard feature enables remote management of device settings on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer, discovery of new devices using automated tasks, and device error notifications via email. Emails can indicate low toner, paper jams, and device maintenance problems so they can be dealt with easily and quickly, ensuring minimal downtime. iWMC also allows administrators to replicate settings and address books across multiple devices. The Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer also employs an identical user interface to Canon's Office Colour devices making multiple device deployments throughout your company simple, and enabling users to effortlessly switch between one device and another. Using Canon's optional e-Maintenance system, device problems can be automatically reported, so there's no need to worry about the constant monitoring of the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer.

Productive, reliable printing on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer

The Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer prints at 35 pages per minute. Speed aside, performance is identical across the range giving you the option to choose one that best suits to your deadlines and budgetary constraints. All Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer devices come print ready with UFR II & PCL installed as standard, with the option to install Post Script if required. A simple to use interface means sophisticated print jobs can be undertaken from users desktops. A large colour touch screen makes operation at the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer equally simple. Both interfaces are also shared with Canon's Office Colour range so different devices can be used within your office without any retraining.

High quality printing on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer

High quality document communication becomes the norm using the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer with crisp, clear prints. Professional finishing facilities make it easy to produce stapled or hole punched reports, impactful booklets and customer proposals on a variety of different media types and sizes. Canon's iWPM software further enhances professionalism. When you want to create a report combining information from different files - such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel normally you need to print them first and then manually collate, which is time consuming. iWPM however lets you carry out the collation quickly and electronically at your desktop, prior to printing a completed version.

Powerful communication on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer

The Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer opens up new ways to communicate information throughout your office. For example, documents can be scanned at 45 images per minute via the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer's document feeder, instantly encrypted and then dispatched securely as PDFs using Canon's i-Send to various locations - such as network folders, email addresses and mailboxes. This is all achievable without the need for additional software.

Professional finishing on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer

To create the most professional-looking documents on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer, turn to the Saddle Finisher AE2. With it you can produce automatically folded 60 page booklets, using 15 sheets with no more than a few simple mouse clicks all from the comfort of your desktop. Its even possible to create booklets up to an impressive A4 in size. Add Canon's iWPM, and you can combine information from different sources to create a staff magazine, or even your own company brochure on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer. Print or copy reports and then staple up to 50 pages A4 or 30 paged A3/A4R using corner or double stapling. 1000 A4 A5R sheets can be handled in a single print/copy run.

The Document feeder/image reader on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer

A 50 sheet document feeder on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer helps cope with scanning and sizeable copy runs, accommodating documents with different sized pages. Using the image reader and Canon's Universal Send feature enables you to scan documents and send them instantly to email addresses, mailboxes and network folders from the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer.

Environmental approach with the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer

Canon's on-demand fixing technology means that the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer automatically enters stand by mode when not in use to save power. Its then ready to use again in seconds when needed for maximum productivity. The device also adheres to the strictest environmental standards such as RoHS, which restricts the use of hazardous substances. The toner charging process employed means no ozone is produced reassuring in today's environmentally conscious businesses. Using MEAP (Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform), Canon's device embedded Java based application platform on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer, enables new and customised software to be incorporated directly within your device. This way your investment keeps pace with the very latest in office communication technology.

Expansive paper supply on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer

Combine all paper sources on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer including the paperdeck for a maximum total of 4,950 sheets providing huge versatility from 6 different sources. Each of the 550 sheet cassettes are user-adjustable to cope with paper sizes between A5 & A3. Imagine producing A5 leaflets to raise awareness of key business issues or even producing A3 posters. A 50 sheet manual bypass facility accommodates heavier paper weights on the Canon iR3025N photocopier/printer, allowing you to create documents using media up to 128gsm. It can also be used to print directly onto tab-sheets, which act as section dividers for important business reports.