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Canon iRC4580 colour photocopier - printer

45 ppm
A3 max size
Colour Photocopier

The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier / printer means fast colour printing without a compromise on quality. It's as simple as that. Business functions demanding the highest printing quality at the highest capacities for large workgroups - for example marketing and HR departments now with the Canon irc4580 have a cost-effective solution to their printing needs that's so powerful and so efficient they can even consider bringing outsourced colour print jobs in-house.


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Features of the iRC4580 colour photocopier / printer

The Canon irc4580: Output and finishing

The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier / printer prints and copies at a fast 45 black-and-white pages or 40 colour pages per minute all at the outstanding colour quality you expect from Canon printers. The Canon irc4580 is not just one of the highest quality colour photocopiers, a vast range of finishing options, including hole-punching, double-siding, booklet maker and sorter with flexible output sizes from A5 to A3+. Print on a variety of media ideal for producing professional documents. From tabbed dividers, transparencies or multicoloured paper up to a thickness of 253gsm. Save valuable time with Canon's optional iWPM software you can simply merge and collate multiple documents electronically from different windows based applications and PDFs and print as a single file.

The Canon irc4580 & Cost control

The Canon irc4580 colour printer is designed to fit seamlessly into your network environment offering a range of features to control your workflow and print budget with ease. The canon irc4580 colour photocopier has unique Automatic Colour Sensing (ACS) feature that intelligently detects when colour is present on a page and then prints accordingly so you only pay for the colour you use. The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier incorporates user ID management and iWAM MEAP technology monitors print use within the workplace to control both usage and costs. Remote print device management gives you central administration to manage multiple devices.

The Canon irc4580 & Office integration:

The Canon irc4580 is a network printer, scanner, copier, fax*, finisher* and communication centre that will seamlessly integrate into your network infrastructure. The canon irc4580 printer's universal send technology, enables you to instantly scan hardcopy documents and distribute them to multiple network destinations, such as e-mail, Internet fax, Mail Boxes, fax and network folders -in one simple operation. Significantly reduce scanned file sizes by utilising Canon's proprietary PDF High Compression* technology. The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier / printer also has Canon's exclusive Trace & Smooth* PDF feature, enhances the final scanned image quality. Integrate paper documents via eCopy* to deliver secure scans via e-mail, fax, FTP and document management systems for low cost, easy, instantaneous distribution and management of electronic copies.

The Canon irc4580 & Document security

The Canon irc4580 office colour printer offers a number of security features allowing you to protect sensitive information. Print directly into secure mailboxes that can be controlled via passwords and even fingerprints* to ensure that only users have access to their personal informationEncrypt files before they are sent to print to ensure confidential transfer of dataPrint with an embedded secure watermark that appears when copies are madeScanned documents can also be protected, with the Encrypted PDF feature secure scanned files with a password to restrict access, editing, and printing.

The Canon irc4580 & Confindentiality

The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier has improved security features that let you protect sensitive information. Encrypt scanned documents for password protected viewing and secure print mailboxes keep confidential documents safe.

The Canon irc4580 & Controllable colour

The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier uses automatic colour sensing (ACS) that detects black and white and colour and uses colour only when required, The Irc4580 has a big advantage when compared to other colour photocopiers in keeping printing and copying costs to a minimum whilst delivering staggering quality. Department ID management on the Canon irc4580 colour photocopier lets you set user quotas, or simply monitor individual use with the optional Iwam MEAP technology.

The Canon irc4580 & Cost Effectiveness

The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier can control costs by restricting who prints in colour and how much they can print. Setup different levels of print authorisation for each person or a whole team.

The Canon irc4580 & Document Finishing

The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier offers a choice of 3 finishers that provide extensive stacking capabilities , sorting, multi position stapling, saddle-stitched booklet output and optional hole punching for professional looking documents.

Flexibility of the Canon irc4580

The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier makes sure your company communicates effortlessly and inexpensively. By turning the MFP into a communications hub the Canon irc4580 colour photocopier allows you to scan and share hard copy documents instantly.

Multifunctionality of the Canon irc4580

With the Canon irc4580 colour photocopier you can print, copy, scan and fax all from the one device. The MFP is print ready so you can print in any standard PCL and Postscript environment. Also, The Canon irc4580 colour printer features the Canon UFR II language for faster print processing. Universal send features allow you to scan colour documents and digitally distribute them securely via email, fax, FTP, network shared folders and personal mailbox in various file formats.

Productivity of the Canon irc4580

The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier delivers fast and reliable printing which means increased productivity and efficiency. Get more high quality colour printing done in less time whilst reducing outsourcing costs.

The Canon irc4580, creating professionalism

The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier allows you to create professional looking colour documents in-house for greater impact and more customer retention. Print on A5 to A3+ paper, tabbed media and multicoloured paper up to 253 gsm.

The Canon irc4580 & secure printing

The Canon irc4580 colour photocopier enables you to print and send documents with total security. You are able to encrypt both print and scanned documents , print with a secure watermark or print to secure mailboxes. You may also use simple device login and single sign on to allow users to enter password ID's to gain system access.